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Design Process



Our Design Process is divided into following phases:


Gather Design Information

1. We Gather Information

When we receive the design order, our team assigned for the project make a small research related the project so that our team knows the real objectives of project.

Client Getting Design

2. Client Gets Design Draft

Our Team creates the first design draft, draft is the simple desinged page through which clients knows the look of it website, draft is later converted to full working website.

Client Approves Design Draft

3. Client Approves Draft

Our Team creates the first design draft so that client check it and approves it, if client approves it then we continue to phase-3 otherwise we move back to phase-1.

Design Draft is Upgraded

4. Draft is Improved

If client approved the design draft, our team upgrade and improve it according to the requirements of clients, our team totally depends on client's requirements.

Client Gets Final Draft Design

5. Final Draft Submission

When the draft is improved and revised according to client requirements we submit it to client and request client to approve it so we go to next phase.

Draft Conversion to Full Website

6. Draft to Full Website

If client approved the fine design draft, our team convert the draft to full website and full website is available to client which client can see by online demo link.

Website Design is Completed

7. Client Receives the Full Website

Client Received the files and its sources of website so that client can upload it where he needs.

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